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We are Isasuma


Manuel F.

Founder and owner, life enthusiastic, traveler, community leader


Curt W. 

Owner, traveler, passionate about crafts and ethical consumerism 


Andrea R.

Artist, graphic designer, photographer and customer relations 

It all began with a couple of trips to La Guajira, Colombia where we were faced with a challenged yet beautiful community who welcomed us with open arms and let us in to be messengers to the world of their social-economical issues. They are the Wayuu people and their strong women. The strongest we would say. These entrepreneur leaders who stole our hearts and that carry the weight of their hungry families and hopes of a better tomorrow through their weaved, crocheted and embroidered patterns. 
Talented hands that weave their dreams into beautiful handbags, hummocks and other accessories, treating each piece as a canvas that holds their ❤️ and passion!

And so Isasuma LLC was born to support and carry their beautiful creations beyond seas and let more people know about them and how we could all come together to support and empower small and at risk communities such as the Wayuu Tribe. The lack of governmental support and a harsh deserted environment make their craft probably their only sustainable economic way out of deadly hunger and thirst.

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