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100% Genuine Leather Tote Bag + FULL Mola Appliqué | Leather Bag | Shoulder B

100% Genuine Leather Tote Bag + FULL Mola Appliqué | Leather Bag | Shoulder B

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Bag Size: 
width: 14 inches (36 cm)
height: 9 inches (23 cm)
depth:  4 inches (10 cm)

Shoulder Strap: 10 in drop (26cm)


1 main compartment with zipper with 1 zipped pocket &  1 slip pocket
1 zipped pocket on back 
Fully lined with ripstop, a water resistant fabric. 


This beautiful handcrafted bag is big enough to carry the essentials and some more! 


This bag is light, stylish and ethically sourced from artisans in Colombia and Panama. 


100% Genuine leather from Colombia + Mola appliqué from the Kuna tribe. 


These beautiful bags are handmade with the best materials and excellent craftsmanship. 

One of a kind! Only one available per design. No two bags are identical. 


Molas are the famous textile-art that forms part of the traditional women's clothing of the Guna [in the language itself spelled Kuna prior to a 2010 orthographic reform] people from Panama and parts of Colombia. Although it has its origin in body painting, after the European colonization molas were transferred to fabric using the reverse-appliqué technique.

Molas are hand-stitched using multiple layers of fabric - mostly cotton - A mola can take from two weeks to six months to make, depending on the complexity of the design

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