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EXCLUSIVE Authentic Woven Colombian Wayuu Bag | Bell Tassel | Loom Strap | Black

EXCLUSIVE Authentic Woven Colombian Wayuu Bag | Bell Tassel | Loom Strap | Black

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If you love handmade unique pieces then this beautiful bag is for you. Crafted by indigenous artisans of the Wayuu Tribe in Colombia, this bag recreates with intricate patterns the life and beliefs of this culture. Each bag is crocheted with precision and durability by a single member of the community. 


The strap is made on a loom and it takes 2 days to complete. This style strap is sturdy, making the bag feel light and slim while avoiding stretching over time.


The creation and meaning of each bag have been passed through many generations. The symbolism behind their crocheted patterns and forms along with the intentions of each artisan while marking each bag make these mochilas a wearable work of art and culture. This bag is versatile, fashionable, trendy and great for any occasion.


We travel and work directly with a small group of entrepreneur indigenous women head of household who craft these bags. It is heritage, life style and economic fulfillment for this community. 


Part of Isasuma’s mission is to support and empower small and at risk communities such as the Wayuu Tribe. The lack of governmental support and a harsh deserted environment make these bags probably their only sustainable economic way out of deadly hunger and thirst.

  • Large Bag: diameter: 10in/26 cm and 11in/28cm tall
    Strap: 21" drop (42" total length)

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